Our company operates since 1993 using its extensive knowledge of and profound experience in the logistics sector. With its worldwide agency network and expert staff, Uni Trans serves numerous corporations in Turkey and around the world and aims to become the sole address of its customers’ logistics needs by monitoring closely, the logistics needs in the international trade market.



In addition to our freight transportation services for the textile, construction, energy, machinery, automotive, packaging, industrial dye, leather, electronics, exhibition, mining, furniture, plastics, medical and telecommunication sectors, we provide complementary services such as warehousing, distribution and customs brokerage. In addition to quality services, we provide our customers with alternatives and help them decrease their costs in the local and global trade markets.


While providing low costs to our customers, we emphasize customer satisfaction by providing ontime delivery and rapid flow of information. We continuously follow the needs of the logistics sector and operate with a customer focus. With our widespread agency network, we provide global services.